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My Quran Tutor provides a user-friendly, colorful Noorani Qaida online  enabling kids and adults to learn at home. Noorani Qaida serves as a fundamental guide for beginners, particularly children, to grasp Arabic and read the Quran. It introduces Arabic letters and gradually explains tajweed rules for accurate pronunciation.

Learning Noorani Qaida online is viewed as an effective method for many individuals seeking to understand the basics of Quranic reading. If you’re looking for an accessible way for you and your children to learn Noorani Qaida lessons, consider this online course.

What is Noorani Qaida?

Noorani Qaida is a helpful book that teaches the basics of reading the Quran using Arabic alphabets and pronunciation rules. It breaks down the learning process into seventeen chapters, covering everything from individual letters to complete Quranic verses and Tajweed rules. This approach is especially for young learners, making it easier for them to understand Quran classes and become fluent in reading Arabic.

Widely used, “Noorani Qaida” is recognized for its simplicity and effectiveness in teaching Quran basics, particularly the essential Tajweed principles. Starting from alphabets and pronunciation, it gradually progresses to words and verse construction, enabling learners, including beginners, to independently read the Quran with confidence.

Online Noorani Qaida

How to Learn Noorani Qaida?

Learn individual letters and correct pronunciation.
✔ Follow a structured path from letters to words and verses.
✔ Explore consonants and their nuances in Arabic language.
Understand the usage of short vowels (Harakat) and long vowels (Huroof Maddah) their importance.
✔ Comprehend the concept of Tanween, which involves double vowels.
✔ Familiarize yourself with soft vowels (Huroof Leenah) in Arabic.
✔ Study specific rules related to the Arabic letters Raa and Laam.
✔ Understand the application of Noon Qutni in Arabic pronunciation.
✔ Learn the guidelines for proper pausing and stopping in reading (Waqf).
✔ Grasp the rules governing Noon Sakinah & Tanween.

✔ Recognize Arabic letters individually, in combination, and in different shapes. 
✔ Understand the variations in Arabic letters with different vowels, Tanween, and lengthening.
✔ Identify letters with Sukoon (absence of vowels) and the concept of doubled letters in Arabic.
✔ Allocate dedicated time daily for consistent practice.
✔ Immerse yourself in Quranic recitations for pronunciation.
✔ Enroll in Noorani Qaida courses for structured learning.
✔ Get guidance from a qualified teacher for personalized help.
✔ Periodically review lessons to reinforce understanding.

Fees Structure For Learn Noorani Qaida

Explore our affordable fee structure designed to make quality online quran education accessible for your child’s learning journey.

Schedule/Week Classes per Month FEE GBP
2 Classes / week
08 / Months
£33 / Month
3 Classes / week
12 / Months
£41 / Month
4 Classes / week
16 / Months
£52 / Month
5 Classes / week
20 / Months
£63 / Month
20 / Months
£121 / Month

Benefits Of Learn Noorani Qaida Online:

Reading Noorani Qaida
Teaching Noorani qaida for child

Frequently Asked Questions

Teaching Noorani Qaida to kids starts with introducing the Arabic alphabet and pronunciation. Utilize visual aids like colorful flashcards and charts to make learning engaging. The step-by-step guide of Noorani Qaida ensures a fun and easy learning process. Consider incorporating interactive online resources. Breaking down lessons and maintaining a regular schedule enhances comprehension.

After finishing Noorani Qaida, you’ll be able to read the Holy Quran properly, following Tajweed rules for accurate pronunciation. Learn these basics for a deeper understanding and meaningful Quran reading. 

The time it takes to learn Noorani Qaida can differ for each person. It depends on how much time you spend learning each day, your age, and if you knew any Arabic before. On average, if you practice regularly and stay motivated, it might take a few weeks to a couple of months to learn the basics and read correctly.

Kids can begin learning Noorani Qaida when they’re around 4 to 6 years old, but this can vary.  Progress, whether yours or your child’s, relies on focusing, following instructions, and maintaining interest in the learning process. Starting early helps them gradually learn the basics of the Quran.